28 December 2011

The Early Years

My dream of video ministry isn’t new.

In fact it has been around since 2007. You know - before IPhones, Twitter and when most people still thought MySpace was superior to Facebook. Back when I still lived with my parents, and my mom thought my sister and I were on a new site called “Facepage.” At least that’s what she called it.

Some of my newest friends have questioned my email address – What does it mean, and why is it so long? The reason for inspirationalexperiences@gmail.com is because of a formal site I once owned called Inspirationalexperiences.org.

This website was a Christian video ministry blog I built back in 2007. For over a year I was stoked about blogging. I made tons of ministry videos. Here is what one of the videos looked like.

Here is an early ministry video of me explaining fasting. Yes, I know it's silly but I believe it still captures my passionate young heart for God.

This photo was taken during the time I owned my site. (Circa 2007)

My site did pretty well attracting over 30 visits a day. I met several friends around the world from the site that I still talk to. Locals around town would talk about the videos since they would find them when they searched “Callahan” in YouTube. However, even after all the encouragement by the end of 2009 I ended the site.

There were various reasons why I did so. Some of the original objectives of the site were not met. I wanted to meet someone online who was interested in video ministry, but it never happened. I messaged tons of pastors about the idea but received very little response.

I was discouraged - when the time came around to pay the server and domain fees to Go Daddy, I neglected to do so.

I was discouraged but I did not give up. I decided to go back to college to learn more about digital media. Hopefully, along the way I would find more meaning to what I was doing or find someone that had some inkling of doing something pertaining to video ministry.

As of 2011, I’m still in college. I'm now an intern at the TV and Radio station at University of North Florida. I’ve met a lot of new friends who are involved in the faith that are in the communication route as well. I’m now involved with the best churches I’ve ever been to (River City Church and Ocean City Church) – I wouldn’t leave my church family for nothing.

I still haven’t met anyone who wants to do exactly what I want to do, but I have met some folks that I would consider close calls.

This year I felt it was time to make a come back to the blog world. This time I feel it's more about my spiritual growth than about building a ministry – even know it is a site about building a ministry.


  1. Well, sounds like it's time to get the ball rolling again and see what happens this time now that you have more contacts and a whole different network of people that you previously didn't have back in Callahan.

  2. "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart."
    Don't lose heart, keep going! Just remember, put God first.

  3. It sounds good to hear such thing from you. I guess, God hasn't finished yet on His plans for you.Indeed, He prepared the great plans in your life that you will know soon. Just simply do what you are supposed to do such for His glory. Things may not come in the way we've been expecting of yet it will surely come in way that God would like us to experience of. So, expect great things from God. He is indeed faithful to finish the work He has started in you!!He's with you always!!!

  4. Chris, I'm proud of you getting back into blogging and sharing your faith with the world. Video ministry will take off and you will be one of the founding fathers!

  5. Thanks everyone, your encouraging comments mean a lot to me.

  6. Your welcome!!!Just keep your faith you have in Jesus and simply share that faith to others.God has indeed great plans for you!!Let God's love, glory and light be seen in your life at all times.God bless you always!!!