24 October 2012

The prodigal son... Why I chose to come back home.

I was enjoying life and going to two churches. In the morning, I volunteered for River City Church running cameras and at night I enjoyed the companionship of my friends at Ocean City Church.

That all changed one Sunday night when, Derek, the pastor of Ocean City Church said he was changing his service time to mornings. He said more people go to church on Sunday mornings cause that’s what they are use to. Parents with children want to use Sunday nights to spend time with their family. He said he had been praying about this for a long time and this is what God was telling him to do.

Derek said, “I know some of y’all are double dipping and have a morning church or maybe you run cameras somewhere else and come here, but I’m sorry this has to be done.” My friends turned around and smirked as they looked at me when he said this cause they knew exactly who he was referring to – me. 

After this I was torn between two churches. I couldn’t decide whether to part ways with my camera job or leave my friends. Derek was our young adults pastor for years and when he left River City Church to lead Ocean City Church he took my age group with him. Most my friends left RCC including my friends who moved to Boston. The camera job was getting harder to do with classes and work. I also had to work cameras and lights at the same time, which became very cumbersome.

A photo of Ustream capturing video.
Here is a photo of Ustream broadcasting the service.
I resigned from RCC after this but instead of going to OCC I decided to try other places. I tried several churches and met some wonderful people but I still missed home at RCC. The other churches possessed a lot a great qualities but it was not the same. I missed doing cameras.

My good friend Alex told me that I should not have left cause I was leaving my ministry as a cameraman. But I needed a sabbatical. I found a new Sunday night church, Campus to City – Wesley Foundation, I met tons of great people. I’m planning to go to both RCC and CCW. In January, I have decided to go to Passion 2013 with the latter church. I regained my status as cameraman and I have already started by doing services. Here is a photo of Ustream broadcasting the service.

A few weeks ago I stepped in River City Church for the first time in months. I felt like the prodigal son returning home again… It felt good to be home.


  1. Sometimes, God needs to close a certain door for you to see the open door ahead. Mind that, He always would like you to be in the right one! If something that is not right, He needs to cut it off, for you to grow just like the vine. God indeed loves you that much that He didn’t want you to stop growing. He is bringing you to somewhere you could flourish spiritually!!! Just simply take what God gives you and make the very most of it! God bless you!

  2. I am so very proud of you Chris! You are a remarkable & special young man. Our Lord Jesus has wonderful plans for your life! Keep looking up!
    I love you.