09 January 2013

2013 in Christian Media

Need resources or ideas for you ministry production. Look no further.

Christian media is growing but is still a very niche topic online. The Internet has a vast array of information but its limitations can be felt when you search “Christian Media” in Google. Maybe I should try using Bing cause I’ve tried this search query over the last few years but still come up with only trifling results. I have been satisfied on some of the results and I will use the rest of this blog post to share them with you.

The first thing I notice is that churches have been building up vigorous media resources on their sites. A couple of them have sermon teaser videos and also allow you to download sermon notes. Thanks to a twitter post, I found this example saddleback link. Of course, I envisioned more than this, but this is a good start in the right direction.

This is a picture of Saddleback's church live streaming media center on Saddleback's website.

This picture shows one of Saddleback’s hosts describing what’s about to happen at an Aids 2012 event. Along with this Saddleback media section another great site I found was LifeChurch.tv and Mark Driscoll’s church Mars Hill Church.


Here are some other great websites I found this year.

Phil Cooke - a blog featuring some tips on Christian media.

THiNKmediaTV A Youtube channel offering video production, musician, artist, branding, new media communications and marketing social media videos tips.

Bling Blog - This is the blog of LiveChurch.TV's media team. One of the most versatile church media teams in the United States. 

Church Social Media - A church social media blog.

Grove Theater at Faith Village - This is a curated collection of videos featuring music, humor, inspiration, training, causes and more.

Church Media Design - Tips, tricks, and how to for the Church media designer.

Christian Media - A channel on Vimeo Dedicated to Christian videos

Worship House Media - Seven Books Everyone in Church Media... - Worship House Media and this link to what books you should read in church media.

Church Staffing - Jobs in church media (I was very excited to find this since I will soon be graduating [fingers crossed].)

Church Motion Graphics - A site dedicated to building Church Media Graphics.

Sticky Jesus - 8 ways to use... I liked this post in regards to Christian media and the title of the site is catchy.


You should consider using Twitter if you work or you're pursing a job in church media. Here are some companies and people who tweet about media in ministry. I took time to review the frequency and the subject matter of their post and you should consider following them.

@ChurchProdMag – Church Production Mag – Educational ideas and tweets for
churches covering audio, video, lighting and production technologies.

@mediastry – Mediastry Providing a platform for both streaming AND delivery of online video, for churches and ministries.

@think_intl – THiNK International – This twitter feed has the goal in mind of training the next generation of leaders & creatives.

@socmediachurch – Social Media Church – Social media ideas for churches through conversations with church leaders.

@churchtechstuff - Church Tech Stuff - This is a website dedicated to providing churches with resources and information to better use media and tech in their context. 

@cmsucks – ChurchMarketingSucks ­–Frustrate, educate & motivate the church to communicate the truth of Jesus Christ.

@michaelhyatt – Michael Hyatt – Discuses blogging and Podcasting advice.

@j_cordell – Jonathan Cordell – A local media editor here in Jacksonville, Florida.

@churchinsight Neat ideas for church websites and media.

@kpmiracle Kenny Miracle – Director of Film Dept & Lead Editor.


Echo Hub Conference - July 24 - 26 - Dallas - A conference for church communicators who are artist, geeks and storytellers (church media). I just found out about this conference a day before I picked my vacations and I am going.

AVL Expo - February 22 - Right outside Austin - (Audio Video Light) Church media

If you know of any other good examples that missed the list please post it in the comments or let me know!

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